2011 SIFE Spirit Video!

March 10, 2011


Spirit Fall 2010!

January 19, 2011


September 9, 2010

Recruitment Information

August 26, 2010

Hello potential SIFE members! I want first thank you for your interest in the UNL SIFE team. I am Holly Piper, the Director of Talent Acquisition, and very excited for the year ahead and the opportunity to meet people like you who want to make a impact in our community and the world!! We will be having informational sessions coming up here shortly so mark your calendars to come see what we’re all about:
Info. Sessions:

Aug. 31:   9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Sept. 8:    6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Sept. 13:  7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Sept. 23:  6:00 – 7:00 p.m.  (Immediately following our regular team meeting)

*All sessions will be located in the Union.

Our process for new members is going to be a little different this year, it will be based upon the merit system. Our goal is to have members as involved as possible, we want every person to find their passion in one of our projects and help us make a difference through the positive power of business!

Each of you will receive a SIFE Log that will keep track of your involvement. You can record any weekly meeting attendance, project meeting/activity attendance or any SIFE social event in your log. Each is worth one point (about 1 hour of your time) and when you reach 5 points you will then be part of our team. This will give you great insight into our team as a whole, the projects that we do and how much FUN WE HAVE while doing it!! I hope to meet you all very soon and welcome any questions that you may have, come help us make a difference!! Feel free to contact me by email: holly_1215@hotmail.com That’s all for now!

Big Red Welcome

August 26, 2010

Hey there, prospective SIFE’rs!  Lindsey, here.  I’m the Director of Talent Development for the UNL SIFE team.  You may have noticed our booth recently at the Big Red Welcome Celebration, or maybe you found out about us in a different way!  In any case, we’re happy to have you checking out our page.  The 2010-2011 school year is looking very promising for our team.  After winning the Regional Competition last year and advancing to Nationals to receive a First Runner-Up Trophy, UNL SIFE is well on its way to achieving even greater success this year.

In order to do great work, we require the help of lots of talented people.  And…if you’re currently looking at our page, you’re probably one of them!  Whether you’re an English, Anthropology, Veterinary Science, Business or any other major, you’ve come to the right place to hone your skills and make yourself more marketable to future employers–ALL WHILE YOU HELP OTHERS IN NEED!  Please check back soon for more information from our Director of Talent Acquisition, Holly.  She’ll tell you all about this year’s SIFE Information Sessions!  I look forward to meeting you at one of them.  Cheers!

The Global Community

February 4, 2010

Nobody likes sitting in the front row. Well, few people really like sitting in the front row. When you’re in the front row your professor is more likely to call on you; your chances for making awkward eye contact with him/her have skyrocketed and most of the people sitting behind you are probably starring at the back of you head to avoid the same awkward eye contact.

But, last Tuesday night I was in the front row. In the Lied Center, of all places, to hear Richard Behar ( http://www.richardbehar.com/ )speak about China’s increasing investments into the African continent. A handful of SIFE members were occupying seats 9-13. Smack-dab in the front.

In Behar’s lecture, “China in Africa: The New Scramble?”, (http://enthompson.unl.edu/#behar) he outlined the need many Sub-Saharan African countries have for foreign investment. In case you’re tuning in late, these countries also have many of the resources needed to run ipods, cell phones and well, just about everything manufactured in China. In essence, the resources needed to manufacture so many goods (we all use) are being pumped from Africa’s resources. The problem, or one major problem, Behar cited was China’s less than morale business practices. He also cited the corrupt business practices in China filtering to the business practices in some African countries. Workers being offered $125 for a months work and walking out with $25 in their pockets. Over foresting and shady shipment practices made his list of complaints too. You can read his full article, China Storms Africa here (http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/126/special-report-china-in-africa.html )

So what? We live in the Untied States. Most of us don’t have the means to make big investments in other countries. Plus, our government has just spent billions it really doesn’t have to save private companies. Why not let China bring in the money to African countries that really need it?

Let’s go back to the front row. Seat 9 was Doug Fernaays, SIFE’s External VP, seat 10 Jared Li SIFE’s President (I’m in seat 11). Seat 12 is Max Weber the Director of Alumni Relations and finally in seat 13 is J Ellicott, the Chief Performance Officer. Each one of these men is studying to go into business or a connected study of international relations.

So, each one of them has a choice: When money runs the world, what options are business leaders left to do?

Do they, in Jared’s case, go back home to China and try to implement want they learned here? Do they pour their time into creating better business investments for African nations and other international communities or do they stick to domestic issues?

I don’t know. I’m not sure any of us really know.

But sitting in the front row I was reminded of the stake business leaders have in guiding our global community. Going into business isn’t just entering a world of suits, ties, business meetings and lunches. It’s a world where your choices may have ramifications into people’s lives you may never meet. It’s a world we’re all glued together in whether we live in China, Zambia or even, Lincoln Nebraska.

SIFE Ethics Case Competiton

January 21, 2010

UNL SIFE will partake in the SIFE Ethics Case Competition sponsored by Kansas State University and Conoco Phillips on February 18-20 in Manhattan, KS. Our team consists of Lindsey Dykman, Jason Ellicott, Travis Pillen, and myself. Wish us luck and we promise to do our best and represent UNL SIFE to the fullest!