David Zhang – Chief Innovation Officer


Hi, everyone!

My name is David Zhang and I am a Junior Biological Systems Engineering major. Sounds scary isn’t it. But believe or not, I am an Engineering major and I am in SIFE! I am originally from China and I went to high school in Sidney, NE. I have been in SIFE for 2.5 years and I am now the Chief Innovation Officer.

So what do I do? I am in charge of all the pictures and videos of SIFE and I am the head of the SIFE innovation team. SIFE innovation team does creative things: we think creatively and we bring new ideas to projects and even SIFE social. SIFE is the place that you can discover and develop the greatest potential inside you. Even as an Engineering major, I felt like I have learned more things in SIFE than any of my classes I have ever taken! SIFE is not those boring lectures and endless homework; it’s a dynamic, fresh and exciting experience of my college life! I have been enjoying it ever since I joined it.

Another important thing, for me, SIFE is a big part of my life. Not only because of all the people here are my best friends, but also because of the fact that everyone in SIFE is successful and brilliant! When I am hanging out with SIFE people, I will learn something new every time and I will find myself making more progress today than yesterday! Everyday with SIFE is brand new and doing SIFE project definitely makes me feel satisfied and achieved.

Anyway, I am here for SIFE, and for you. I hope that you feel what I feel about SIFE and hope that SIFE will add a new dimension to your life!



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