Elaine Yang – Director of Talent Development

Hello Everyone,

My name is Elaine Yang. I’m a senior actuarial science major from Chengdu, China. This is my 5th semester with SIFE family. My current role in SIFE is the Director of Talent Development.  I really can’t wait to see more new faces in this coming year!

Last year was one of the best memories in my whole life. This year promises to be even better as we strive to help our team to build a quality and sustainable SIFE program. The first project I led was the SIFE Entrepreneurship project – Daily Drip, a student owned and student run business started by UNL SIFE. And we achieved a big success at the end. This project helped our SIFE team placed top 20 in the National Entrepreneurship Topic Competition. The profit from Daily Drip helps UNL SIFE team become a self-sustained student organization.

What I like most about SIFE is that we’re growing as a team, and as a family. Whenever someone needs help, the whole team is there. And the team spirit encourages you to look ahead, explore everything new around you, and experience the real life.

We’re from different majors and different countries in the world, but we’re all in the UNL SIFE team! Joining SIFE, you’ll experience a brand new college life and you can really change the community, change the world, and change people’s lives!

Best regards,


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