Alex McAreavey – Cheif Design Officer

bubblesHey everyone, my name is Alex McAreavey. I am a junior Advertising and Graphic Design major from Sidney, NE. A little about myself; I love music (I couldn’t live without it), movies,painting, drawing, hunting, skating, friends, the celtics and husker football. Since starting school at UNL I have looked for a way to get head and shoulders over my fellow classmates to secure my place in this competitive job market. Finally in October of last year my search paid off when i joined SIFE.

Since my first meeting I have been an active member helping to coordinate the advertising for the group as well as designing materials for promotion of our projects as well as our annual report for competitions. The experience that SFE gives you is unrivaled by any other group you can be a part of. SIFE has given me (and all of its members) a chance to apply what I learn in the classroom to real world situations. Our projects are versatile and require many different skills to be successful, and if we are successful the people we aim to help win. Helping people is what we are all about, but it is no secret that self improvement is a happy side effect.

This year I have been charged with the task of creating a team to help SIFE become more visible in order to help our projects impact the lives of more and more people in need. This team will require many different talents and i am looking to fill these positions. not only can you benifit from SIFE but we can benifit from talented dedicated individuals. If you are interested in advertising and looking to get more experience leave me a comment.

Accelerate your way into the world by joining SIFE, I promise you won’t regret it.

One Response to Alex McAreavey – Cheif Design Officer

  1. unlsife says:

    Love it!
    That’s great picture, Alex! Haha

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