Help for Haiti aids all

As college students we’re expected to drink cheap beer and scrounge up the remnants of our paychecks to pay for rent. We’re expected to only pay attention to our classes, love lives and the job prospects we may or may not have.

However, recently we were called to think about more than the world we have created for ourselves at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The earthquake that hit Haiti had a ripple effect around the world.

This past week, the UNL SIFE team donated $500 to relief efforts through the Red Cross. The amount is not the point. There are thousands of people and organizations all over making donations in multiple denominations.

Last week we weren’t just college students, we were global citizens choosing to support one another.  Our social conscious was expanded.

Most of us can’t leave UNL to help those in Haiti. Many of us will give in other ways: plunging into our wallets to make donations , rearranging our spring break trips or others of us are now simply more informed about Haiti.  At SIFE we’ve decided to give the rest of the donations we receive from our Let’s Can Hunger Project this semester to Haiti water and food relief.  Hopefully, the three upcoming events this semester: Campus Can Stack, the Food Drive competition between four colleges and the Casino night will all go to good use.

If you or someone you know would like to donate to Haiti relief check out these suggestions or for more information about relief efforts check out National Public Radio’s continuing coverage.

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