What is SIFE?

Students iFree Enterprise (SIFE) is a global non-profit organization active in more than 1,500 college and university campuses in 42 countries and territories around the world. In the United States, more than 700 colleges and universities are enrolled in SIFE.

Working together as a team and through the mentoring of faculty advisors, SIFE students apply their classroom experiences to develop and implement educational outreach programs that teach individuals in their communities the principles of market economics, entrepreneurship, personal financial success skills, environmental sustainability and business ethics.

The challenge to SIFE teams is not simply to inform, but also to empower, and get involved – to help their targeted audiences reach their full potential through a better understanding of the principles of free enterprise. Individually, SIFE teams improve the quality of life and standard of living for members of their communities, and themselves.


The University of Nebraska SIFE team is truly a world class student organization.  The organization was founded in 1988 with only 8 members. Since then it has experienced exponential growth. Currently, we have over 50 active members from 9 different countries and 20+ majors.  UNL SIFE has won more than 30 regional and national awards recognizing our dedication to lifelong learning, practicing, and teaching of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.

What can SIFE do for YOU?

Networking: By becoming a part of UNL SIFE, you will have the opportunity to communicate with leaders from every corner of the community and with businesses all around the globe.

Resume: In the process of helping out people all around the world, your resume will become very close to unmatchable. As a member of UNL SIFE, you will have first hand opportunity to build on your leadership, organizational, communication and social skills.

Socials: Our team knows how to have a good time.  From food nights, to bowling to sand volleyball, we always find ways to get to know each other better.

People: You will make a difference in people’s lives through meaningful SIFE projects.

Academics: Our team has an overall Cumulative GPA of 3.53 and our members take parts of many organizations on campus.  By being around students like this, you will be putting yourself on a path to a successful college career.

Traveling: UNL SIFE really likes to travel.  Last year, our members got to go to places like Denver, Lake McConaughy, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Berlin.

NO DUES: Remember, one of the best part of being on the UNL SIFE team is that you don’t have to pay anything to be a part of our team.


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