Big Red Welcome

August 26, 2010

Hey there, prospective SIFE’rs!  Lindsey, here.  I’m the Director of Talent Development for the UNL SIFE team.  You may have noticed our booth recently at the Big Red Welcome Celebration, or maybe you found out about us in a different way!  In any case, we’re happy to have you checking out our page.  The 2010-2011 school year is looking very promising for our team.  After winning the Regional Competition last year and advancing to Nationals to receive a First Runner-Up Trophy, UNL SIFE is well on its way to achieving even greater success this year.

In order to do great work, we require the help of lots of talented people.  And…if you’re currently looking at our page, you’re probably one of them!  Whether you’re an English, Anthropology, Veterinary Science, Business or any other major, you’ve come to the right place to hone your skills and make yourself more marketable to future employers–ALL WHILE YOU HELP OTHERS IN NEED!  Please check back soon for more information from our Director of Talent Acquisition, Holly.  She’ll tell you all about this year’s SIFE Information Sessions!  I look forward to meeting you at one of them.  Cheers!


Something great..

January 19, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of something greater than yourself, you’ve come to the right place to catch a glimpse.  The UNL SIFE team is comprised of some of the most talented individuals on campus.  They are driven and compassionate, creative and diverse. Above all, SIFE students understand the importance of teamwork.  Without each other, we realize that we are nothing. We know that it takes contributions from every member, officer, and executive for our projects to succeed.  Accountability and trust are valued, because they act as the glue that binds us together.

The beginning of a new semester allows us an opportunity to improve beyond what we thought was possible.  It’s a chance to take the initiative to try something new.  It’s an opportunity to help a teammate out.  But, most of all, it’s the perfect time to strengthen our relationships and the bonds that hold them together.  Go forth, and strive to be counted on.  🙂

Lindsey Dykman – Internal Vice President

November 17, 2009

Hey there!  My name is Lindsey, and I’m the Internal Vice President for the UNL SIFE team.  You may have already gotten to know me as “Director of Talent Acquisition,” but I thought I would take a few minutes to introduce myself again.

What’s my major, and why is it funny?

If you had asked me five years ago what I didn’t want to study in college, I would have said, “I REALLY REALLY hope I’m not required to take an economics class.”  Little did I know it would become not only my major, but one of the few true loves of my life.

Where do I come from?

My hometown is located in western Nebraska, not far from the Colorado border to the south and the Wyoming border to the west.  I drive home very infrequently, so my trips there are invaluable.  Thanksgiving break will mark my first time back this year.

While I’m home, I love to sit and play the piano for hours.  I also enjoy fresh air, dirt roads, and long walks in the country.

What has SIFE done for me?

I became a member of UNL SIFE at the start of the 08-09 Spring semester.  After becoming involved in several projects, I realized that SIFE was an organization that would allow me to truly make a difference in both my community and my world.  It wasn’t all about building my resume anymore…it was about impacting people’s lives.

I finished out the remainder of last year as a member of multiple project teams, but I also applied for a leadership position as an officer.  Thankfully, I was appointed Director of Talent Acquisition and given the opportunity to reach out to students through recruitment.  At present, I am serving as the Internal VP.  I’m just beginning to get my feet on the ground, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Thanks a lot for checking out our team website.  The opportunities in SIFE are endless, and I encourage you to take an active role in becoming involved.  Cheers!

Big Red Welcome

August 25, 2009


I’m here to announce that the Big Red Welcome was a success, thanks to all of you!  We loved chatting with you about SIFE, and we hope you’re excited to learn more.  So on to the next step!

Information sessions will be held on Sept. 1 & 2 at 5:00 p.m. at the City Campus Union. Room information will be posted inside the front doors, so don’t forget to look!  We will be showing video clips and having an open question/answer forum with some of our executive officers.  There will also be an opportunity to sign up for an interview.  Please attend if you are available and e-mail me ( if you’re not!  We’ll work something out.  I look forward to seeing you there!



Lindsey Dykman – Director of Talent Acquisition

August 22, 2009



Hi there!

My name is Lindsey Dykman, and I’m a junior economics major from Lodgepole, NE (Pop. 365). More importantly, however, I am the Director of Talent Acquisition for the UNL SIFE team! This is my second semester as a UNL SIFE member, and I can’t wait to kick off another promising year! SIFE has become a huge part of my life in the last six months, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love knowing that I’m making a difference in the world, and I get to have a ton of fun in the process. I’ve built amazing friendships in SIFE, and I’ve worked on impactful projects that utilize my talents to their fullest potential. And…that’s just the beginning!

As DTA I have been busy preparing recruitment materials for this fall. On Sunday the 23rd, our team will be at the Big Red Welcome talking to students and potential members! Please stop by to chat with me about the many opportunites available through SIFE. Also, check back here for updates on exciting recruitment news. Cheers!